Chesil Speedster E

Chesil Speedster E

The Fully Electric Chesil Speedster E

For those wanting to embrace modern technology in a retro style Speedster.
The Electric Speedster E has been developed from the ground up using a new bespoke fully independent spaceframe chassis. Powered by a 120kW AC motor that gives 0 to 60mph in 4.9 seconds and a 200 mile range on the standard battery pack.

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Hand built by Chesil, the Chesil Speedster E is a vehicle of the highest quality and carries a longstanding reputation as a leader in replica Speedsters.

UK specification factory build Speedster E from £73,210 on the road.

Please find below details of the Chesil Speedster E Specification

Unstressed GRP moulding with integral box section steel tube chassis. Special strengthening materials to increase body strength and comprehensive anti-rust treatment on all metal parts. Fully painted to the highest standards by skilled coach workers, using the latest techniques. Choice of colour.

Bespoke fully triangulated CAD designed steel space frame chassis with aluminium floor. Front and rear unequal length adjustable wishbones and coil over adjustable dampers.
Rack and pinion steering with front and rear disc brakes.
Limited slip differential fitted as standard.

Motor and Controller:
AC permanent magnet synchronous motor with matched inverter.
Produces up to 120kW (160bhp).
Produces up to 315Nm (230lbft) of torque.
Operates up to 420 Volt.
Maximum motor efficiency of 95%.
12,000 rpm maximum.
Water cooled system.

7kW water cooled onboard charger with integrated 12v 1.5kW DC/DC.
Industry standard type 2 charge port.
Charge time of 5 hours for the 44kWh battery from 20% charge to full using a standard 7kW wall box.
Vehicle comes with a Chesil mobile charger that allows you to charge at 3kW from any household socket.

Acceleration : 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 sec
Top Speed : 125 mph Selectable driving modes for eco running, slippery conditions, one pedal driving and performance modes. Matching regen braking, throttle pedal response and torque delivery to the customers driving conditions or desire.

Length: 3930mm, Width: 1676mm, Height:1260mm.

Hand made to the highest standards by top class upholsterers. Choice of vinyl or leather upholstery; choice of upholstery colour. Optional seat styles.

Specially tailored for the Chesil Speedster. All exposed edges bound. Choice of colour.

Trim and Brightwork
Using reproduction replica parts for bodywork, interior and dashboard gauges. Choice of gauge style.

Hand made in “duck” material by skilled craftsman. Black as standard with choice of rear window size. Other colours available at extra cost.